S01.E06: Old Man MacTavish's Confused Direction

Valiant efforts are put forth all around as our players navigate the confused ramblings of an elderly cinephile before getting a look behind the scenes at the lesson plans of some favorite pop culture teachers. A last-minute substitution makes for an unusual, but nonetheless exciting game on this week’s episode of The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show. Sean and Monty are taken by surprise by the sudden inclusion of one of Extra Hot Great's pop culture teachers, Tara Ariano in the third spot! Make sure to stick around to the end for a SHOCKING TWIST ENDING that you won’t wanna miss!

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Episode Notes

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 👩🏼‍🏫 Dangerous Minds is based on a real person, Luanne Johnson. In reality, she used rap lyrics to illustrate concepts to her class, but that was too edgy for the movie, so they changed it to Bob Dylan, a singer that young people are famous for liking.

 🎬 Please do not mix up Waking Life and Waking Ned Devine. These are very different movies.

 🤠 Technically, the first film in the Indiana Jones franchise has been re-titled Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, but since we were asking for franchise names, "Indiana Jones" works just fine.

 🤠 If it had been a scoring question, we would have accepted River Phoenix, Corey Carrier, George Hall or Sean Patrick Flanery as actors who had played Indiana Jones.

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