S01.E05: Johannes Bassoon’s Minor Quibbles, Major Qualms

It's time to identify the altered TV show themes our resident composer has created when he confused his major and his minor keys up. After that, it's time to browse some very silly pieces of very real pop culture merch—and pay all the respect to the vociferous fans of a certain animated series. Our talented combatants Elenore, Mark, and Ilan have a bit of a fishy start, but all's well that ends well... and the ending? Well, we'll leave that to y'all to discover. Speaking about endings, don't forget to stick around at the tail end for the At-Home Version riddle for your chance to name a score break!

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Episode Notes

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 ☎️ Believe it not or, George isn't at home...

 🏕 Parks & Rec with Jabba The Hutt

 🎲 If they were guessing randomly, our players would have gotten 5 of the 15 follow-up questions in round 2 correct. They got 3.

 💸 All the pop culture merch from 'The Price Is Correct'

 🚘 BADCATS, the Aaron Spelling produced TV series with Michelle Pfeiffer, is an acronym for "Burglary Auto Detail, Commercial Auto Thefts." It also featured Jimmie Walker and Vic Morrow, and was cancelled with 4 of its 10 episodes left unaired. Of those, we'd really like to see Episode 9, "Death Car."

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