S01.E03: The Vending Machine

A new division on the season one bracket means three new players will run the gauntlet this week on The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show. After defending the sandwich skills of their favorite characters in "My Champion," Amanda, Lea, and Joe will test their memories of movies that share their titles with popular songs. Later, the stakes will rise as they combine their pop culture knowledge with their understanding of a deck of playing cards. Will they go all in or fold before the turn? Listen and find out!

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Episode Notes

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 👨‍🦳 But In The Latin Alphabet Jehovah Begins With An I

 🥪 Make an Exotic Sandwich from Taskmaster

 🎹 While the song played on the big keyboard is "Heart And Soul" there's a hint of "Chopsticks" at the end so we're giving Joe an extra 10 points.

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