407: How to Create Business Boundaries with Those You Love

It’s been over a year since the man of my dreams, my baby daddy, my husband Drew Kutcher stepped up to the mic for an episode of The Goal Digger Podcast. Time is flying! I invited him back on the show for a deep dive discussion about navigating business as it intertwines with our marriage. After almost a decade of being Mr. and Mrs. we’ve navigated through many different seasons of professional and personal life together, so we are going back in time to the earliest days of entrepreneurship to reflect on what we’ve learned. 

This episode is for you if you’re curious about how to talk to your partner about your big business dreams, or if you’re considering going into business with your significant other. Drew reveals how he actually felt when I told him I was leaving my stable corporate job, his advice for starting a business that’s separate from your relationship, and what it’s like to be a partner to a dreamer.

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