Pop Culture Round Up: DUIs, Divorces & Drew

Chris kicks off a new monthly segment called the "Pop Culture Round Up" this week, covering all the hottest topics in entertainment and beyond that are breaking the internet. This first segment covers everything making headlines, and trending topics, this month! From the breakups that we can't stop talking about -- and it's not just about how many people are breaking up with Scooter Braun. Chris covers the Britney Spears v. Sam Asghari divorce, Joe Jonas' confusing separation timeline, and Maren Morris' break up with country music.

Chris also reacts to the controversy surrounding daytime sensation Drew Barrymore's show return (and then pause again) amid an ongoing writer's strike, which leads to a passionate "THAT'S MY OPINION!" moment discussing cancel culture.

And, hold onto your seats because we've got breaking news right from the start! Real Housewives of Orange County's Shannon Storms Beador's shocking DUI and hit-and-run arrest unfolds before your ears. Plus, we've got the scoop on the 'NSync reunion, Amazon Prime's Red, White & Royal Blue, and Barbie's debut in the streaming world.

Chris aims to keep it snappy – no Bethenny Frankel-length TikTok rants here – but with this month's lineup, there's so much to unpack. Join the conversation by following Chris on Instagram at @CMVetrano and let's get talking!

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