Kelly Clarkson Deep Dive (w/ Miss Indepodcast's Jeremy + Pam)

This week, The Gist takes you on an exciting journey into the extraordinary world of the one and only pop culture sensation: Kelly Clarkson! From her humble beginnings on American Idol to her triumphant success as a daytime talk show host, we're about to uncover all the secrets behind her incredible career. To make sure we cover all of the amazing milestones of Clarkson's career, Chris welcomes the fabulous hosts of Miss Indepodcast, the ultimate podcast for fans of the iconic singer – Jeremy and Pam! Together, they dive into each era of Kelly's music, unearthing the magic behind her soul-stirring melodies and revealing the fascinating stories that have shaped her journey.

If you've ever been moved by Kelly's powerful tunes or felt a personal connection to her music, this episode is an absolute must-listen. Whether you're a die-hard Kelly devotee or just someone who loves fascinating stories of triumph and music, tune in now to join Chris, Jeremy, and Pam as they spill all the tea on the incredible Kelly Clarkson!

Listen! It’s Vetrano:






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