Trans-antagonism & small-town activism with George Foulkes-Taylor

This week we’re reconciling childhood affection for Harry Potter with the widely critiqued views of the trans community by its author J.K. Rowling. We discuss the dangerous ideas resonating with TERFS, trans-antagonism, and the misguided thinking of those relying on an unfounded idea about how trans people use bathrooms.

We also interview WA based artist and activist George Foulkes-Taylor about how queer outreach in rural communities fosters a sense of safety for queer people, what it means to have queer friends in remote locations, and the very real consequences of the same-sex marriage plebiscite in remote settings.

In this week's After Show we discuss how prostate cancer impacts the lives of men who have sex with men. Support the show and listen to over 40 After Shows by signing up at

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