That's a wrap!

And just like that - it's our final episode! 2020's been a fiery pile of shit, but when they go low? We go high, baby.

So, in an effort to provide some hope in this new topsy turvy world, we discuss Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris' political voting record on issues that matter to the queer community, and the very real possibility of seeing positive change in a post-Trump United States. We also break down TikTok's #FemBoys trend, where straight cis men seem to be positively contributing to the deconstruction of all those pesky gender steteotypes that continue to do nothing but drive us all fucking crazy.

We're also joined by the incredible Erik Denison, a queer academic looking at homobobic language in sport, and how it could be the key to shifting homophobic behaviour in society at large. For our sport-loving Revolters who constantly read us for our lack of sport discussion - we think you'll find we've saved the best for last! And for anyone else who had to run to the toilet with anxiety-diarrhea before every high school PE class, you won't wanna miss this special final interview either.

And of course, it wouldn't be a final episode of The Gays Are Revolting without tears and reflections and lols and most importantly - a little note about what we'd like our listeners to take away from this fucking cool little show we made. And don't unsubscibe just yet - we'll be keeping your gay souls nourished with the release of our collection of After Shows well into 2021.

Never stop revolting, gays. Bye for now x

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