Lipp Selects: Heckin' Concerned

Being a millennial isn’t easy – our climate is warming, our social lives are being mediated by technology and the internet, and politicians are out of sync with what we want. Contrary to the popular narrative about millennials being entitled snowflakes, we're faced with challenges that previous generations would never have imagined. In Heckin' Concerned, Amruta speaks with smart and sensitive people about topics that scare millennials, and how to find some hope amongst the endless smashed avocado.

In this episode, Amruta interviews Edie Shepherd, activist and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Organiser at the Victorian Trades Hall Council. They discuss growing up as an Aboriginal kid in a predominantly white school system, racism, gender, sexuality and queerness, dating as a queer Indigenous millennial, politics, and using social media to connect young Indigenous people with their cultures.

Heckin' Concerned is a new addition to the Lipp Media network, celebrating the voices of women and the LGBT+ community.


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