Lipp Selects: Excuse Me, I Have Something To Say

Excuse Me, I Have Something To Say is a new show to Lipp Media. Join host Shaun Phillip Naylor as he attempts to better understand the human experience. From feminism to queer representation, dealing with grief to embracing identity, Shaun creates a safe space to have conversations with both experts and real people who have something to say.

In this episode, Shaun is joined by his fiancé Benny Cole. Together they recount their own personal experiences with coming to terms with their own sexual identity. From Shaun, who was a fresh faced 18 year old, fuelled with the desire to leave his old life behind and be true to himself, to Benny, who didn't embrace his truth until later in life after raising a family and always putting others needs first. This episode is full of heart and hope, with a side of honesty, and a healthy dose of courage.

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