The 'born this way' theory & being queer at school with volunteers from Minus 18

We’re back in Melbourne after an amazing time in Radelaide, and it’s back to business. This week we’re joined by Adrian Murdoch from Minus 18 as well as two teen Minus 18 volunteers to chat to us about attending the queer formal for the first time, being queer at school and how the Internet has shaped their identities. We continue our adolescent theme with a critique of the ‘born this way’ approach to sexual identity, and in our After Show discuss gender-neutral kids toys and enforced gender norms.

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Episode references:

The problem with 'born this way'.

How the “born this way” narrative of identity is holding the queer community back

Here's why the 'born this way' approach to sexual orientation is failing.

I'm queer and so are you: against being born this way.

Born This Way actually stifles the fluidity of queer identity.

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