Mark Villareal, International Best-Selling Author

Mark is a 3-Time International Best-Selling Author of leadership style books.  He's been on ABC, CBS. NBC. FOX and over 70 radio shows.

He even had the distinct privilege of being interviewed on live television by Jack Canfield, American author, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur who is the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series,

Mark worked for 35-years in Corporate America including 21years at a C-Level, which means he reported to the CEO of the different organizations and was VP of a 5 million, 50 million, and 500 million dollar organizations

This taught Mark that what works in one works in the other just with different scaling. Mark is passionate on helping others develop, as his Mission Statement is To Build Leaders One Person, One Team, or One Organization at a Time. Mark believes and teaches servant leadership.  Early in his career he realized that once he focused on other individuals success, his came naturally. Marks TV and radio guest appearances were on the topics of leadership, culture, millennials, strategic planning and each of his books.

Shortcuts Get You Lost is on establishing a winning culture.

Leadership Lessons From Mom is a personal story on how his mother was the best leadership coach, who chose to be a housewife.

Marks'srecent release, 

The Millennial Factor: 10-Steps To Managing Millennials To Success

defines the myths, facts, and half-truths on millennials. It guides both business leaders, and millennials and how to build success. 

Mark also has a Children Series with two releases that are Amazon Best-Sellers titled

The Adventures of Park Ranger Brock Cliffhanger & His Jr. Park Rangers which teaches and encourages our youth safety, preservation, and conservation.

It has been a distinct honor for me to have Mark on my Freshstart Podcast as a very special guest.