Javenna Bellinger Children's Book Author

Javenna Bellinger has already written 24 children's educational books for youth from 4 years old to 10.

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She has loved writing just about forever and is gifted with delivering a meaningful message in each book. You can find all of her books on Amazon. Tyler's Big Christmas Surprise is a heartwarming Christmas story. I Can Do It By Myself is about a child born with Cerebral Palsy. You Can Own It is to instill in children that owning a house is a worthwhile goal from someone who grew up in the projects. My Amazing Superheroes is about her own children and instilling in them that they each have value. Be Brave is about overcoming fear in the dark. Javenna is also an athlete, excelling in track, volleyball and basketball. Her favorite sport is basketball. That background gave her a special mental skill set about discipline, diligence and duty. Learn more at http://LearnSomethingBooks.com or her Instagram page: Learn_Something_Books_Series