The murder of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman

Two sisters, Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, were brutally murdered by a stranger in North West London in June 2020. And what followed on from that tragedy is unimaginable.

An inadequate police response that meant their bodies were found, not by officers, but by the boyfriend of one of the sisters. And then, the unthinkable; two police officers found guilty of misconduct, after they took photographs of the murdered women and shared them in a WhatsApp group, actions that the Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick described as “unprofessional, disrespectful and deeply insensitive.”

Today, our former Senior Home Affairs Correspondent Simon Israel comes out of retirement to tell the story of what happened that night and the shocking events that followed, and what it tells us about the so-called “canteen culture” in the Met Police.