Legacy's Tim Wendel from Worlds 2020

Tonight, League of Legends World Championships for 2020 kick off in Shanghai, China. No surprises that the live event was very close to not going ahead this year. Riot Games cancelled the mid-season invitational this year but they've found a way to push ahead with the biggest event of the year.

Teams travelled to Shanghai two weeks ago, quarantining for two weeks to keep things safe and get the worldwide teams bubbled up nicely. Of course, the teams have been training hard through that time and from Australia, the 2020 champions, Legacy Esports, are there to represent the Oceanic Pro League community.

This morning I had a quick chat with Tim Wendel, who has run the team since 2014, has captained the team himself in the past and is now Head of Esports for the Adelaide Football Club, who has owned the team since 2017. We caught up via Microsoft Teams from his setup with the team there in China to hear his thoughts on this year's campaign and the Worlds competition they've been preparing for.

We're just hours away from the first match when we spoke, so it's great he fit us in for a chat.


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