Dylan Miklashek, Studio Manager at Gameloft Brisbane

This week I'm chatting to Dylan Miklashek from Gameloft in Brisbane, he's the Studio Manager and has been with the company since it founded its Australian operation. This is a longer chat than usual, but Dylan was super insightful and really candid about both the studio and the wider industry so it was a chat that I was happy to just dig deeper and deeper into.

Dylan has a really interesting background that led him to arrive where he is today and he has strong opinions about the need for government schemes like tax incentives as part of building a thriving and globally competitive ecosystem. While he's not from Australia originally, and perhaps because he's not, he's got some great thoughts on why this is such a great country to be a game developer in, but also looks at the difficulties of finding the right staff when running a development studio in Brisbane and we explore what's needed to help train developers, to get more of them to the right tier of experience, and to spread the industry around the country and not just always talk about how great things are down in Melbourne.

It's an honest mix of the difficulties and the opportunities in the scene today and I hope you get a lot out of the discussion. We dive in as Dylan explains where his journey in Gameloft began.


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