Creating truly amazing worlds in Minecraft

You'll be hard pressed to find someone on the planet today who doesn't know about Minecraft. It's one of those games that has evolved to become much more than just a game but also a tool for creativity and for education, and today I'm speaking with James Delaney, Managing Director of Blockworks, one of the world's leading design groups for creating amazing environments and architectural designs using Minecraft.

Blockworks recently worked with NRMA to create a map called Climate Warriors, which is available for download through Minecraft Marketplace for free. It was designed to teach kids aged 7-12 about sustainability and the impacts of natural disasters on Australian rural and regional areas. I speak with James about his own journey with Minecraft, how Blockworks has developed its expertise, and the importance of working on projects like Climate Warriors and how it elevates Minecraft as a medium. Blockworks is a true world leader in this space so it's a pleasure to talk to James about his company and its place in the evolution of Minecraft and using these kinds of platforms for engaging styles of education like this.

I start by asking James to remember that very first time he opened up Minecraft.


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