YouTube Fame with SHMEE150 & 2000BHP with Alex Goy

It's a two-part special this week on the Driven Chat Podcast in which, by means of a happy accident, we bumped into our old friend Tim Burton aka SHMEE150, who was very happy to join us for a radio show recording and talk about the delights of fame in the world of YouTubing. As well as Tim, also as part of our radio show on talkRADIO, we spoke with our freelance journalist friend Alex Goy who recently returned from experiencing the 2000bhp Rimac Nevera in Croatia.

We have included both conversations in full for this week's podcast, and we hope you enjoy it!

If you would like to hear more from SHMEE150 you can do so in Episode 29 of the Driven Chat Podcast titled 'Hi Guys I'm SHMEE', and if you would like to hear more from Alex, you can listen to Episode 33 'The Joys of Journalism with Alex Goy'.

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