TV's Tom Wookie Ford!

Are you looking for a podcast covering conversation topics such as; 

  • 'Why are the elderly so obsessed with Turmeric?'
  • 'Does humanity actually exist in a supermassive Land Rover Defender Lucas lightbulb dome terrarium?' 
  • 'Why you shouldn't walk through Manchester city centre with your hands in your pockets.'
  • 'Just how crunchy is a cockroach?' 

If you answered 'yes' to one or all of the above topics, you're in luck because this week on the Driven Chat Podcast, we have television star and motoring journalist royalty Tom 'Wookie' Ford. 

Tom is currently the associate editor for the prestigious BBC Top Gear Magazine and is also known for being a TV presenter on Channel 5's Fifth Gear, Top Gear America, Mud Sweat & Gears, Lazy Boy Garage and Motorheads! Tom is also part of the trio that makes up - a web-based platform familiarising the world with EV's and hybrid vehicles. In this week's conversation lead by John Marcar and Amy Shore, Wookie shares many a story about his working world and shares some advice and insights into how aspiring journalists can get into the industry too.

Before diving into the interview with Wookie, John catches up with Andy Jaye to catch up on this week's news and discuss potential mid-life-crisis cars!

We are @DrivenChat, @Andy.Jaye, @JohnMarcar & @AmyShorePhotography on Instagram, and you can see our video content by searching for Driven Chat on YouTube! Plus you can find Wookie via @tomwookieford 


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