Top Gear Director Brian Klein - & 'Oh no... the new BMW M4 makes John a bit sad'.

This week, on The Driven Chat Podcast, we are joined by award-winning television director Brian Klein. Brian has over twenty-five years; experience in the TV industry, and his work regularly appears on Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC and Sky. Amongst his directing credits are twenty-five seasons of the iconic car show Top Gear.

Brian was responsible for directing the Jeremy Clarkson stocking fillers that many will remember from the 1990s before then, taking a pioneering role in the re-launch and revival of BBC Top Gear with the format we all know and love featuring Clarkson, Hammond and May. In the conversation with John Marcar and Andy Jaye, Brian shares many behind the scenes stories for the very first time, including details on why The Stig is named The Stig and how the show name Top Gear was almost lost forever to become Carmageddon..

Brian joins us also to talk about the new book that he's written in lockdown called The Counterfeit Candidate - a story that takes his passion and study on Adolf Hitler and post-war times into a fictional thriller based on factual events.

Before diving into the conversation with Brian, Andy Jaye, and John Marcar, talk about our latest press loan - a BMW M4 Competition and to our shock and horror... it's made John 'a little bit sad'!?

Find out why by listening in.


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