Top Gear & The Grand Tour Executive Producer - Andy Wilman

Andy Wilman is the vital 4th name to be added on to the highly esteemed Clarkson, Hammond & May. As one of the creators and the executive producer of Top Gear from 2002 onwards, he has been celebrated as one of the great brains that created and managed one of the most loved TV shows for petrol heads. Of course, beyond Top Gear at the BBC, Wilman went on to executive produce Clarkson, Hammond and May's next production - The Grand Tour and Wilman frequently pops up on the show as nothing more than a name; 'Mr Wilman' in the form of written instructions and challenges via text messages to the presenters' phones.

In this exclusive chat with Andy Jaye, Andy Wilman shares some of the lesser-known stories, anecdotes and behind the scenes tales (of which there are many!) whilst producing our favourite car shows.

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