The Silverstone Classic with; Ollie Webb, Yiannimize, James O'Keefe & Martin Brundle

Do you like your podcasts with added racecar sounds?? Well, have we got an episode for you!?

This week, we're recording from the Silverstone Classic, and we're bringing you a collection of guests, including Le Mans winner Ollie Webb, car customiser Yiannimize, Ex MMA fighter turned podcaster James O'Keefe and racing royalty Martin Brundle all in one big show!

Ollie Webb joins us to talk about what he's driving at the Classic and touches on the rather controversial 300mph record attempt with SSC Tuatara.

Yianni joins us with an unexpected reunion with John Marcar recapping on a previous working chapter involving doughnuts, car shows and rose gold wrapped Ferrari's.

James O'Keefe is the ultimate 'plus one' as the husband to singing sensation Beverly Knight. He joins us to talk about his love for cars, his opinion on EV converted classics and how he managed to marry an international pop star!

We round up with one of the most iconic voices of motorsport; Martin Brundle. Martin has enjoyed a superb career in motorsport and is now best known as one of the voices for F1 commentary offering fantastic insight, knowledge and explanation to the fastest sport on the planet!

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