The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Founder - Mark Hawwa

This week on the Driven Chat Podcast; it's a feel-good episode with a good selection of stories, as Amy Shore and John Marcar talk to Mark Hawwa - the founder of The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride & now The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive. 

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride has raised over £20,300,000.00 for charity (TWENTY-POINT-THREE MILLION POUNDS!) with rides and events that now take place in over 700 cities in 102 countries all around the world. More than 125,000 male and female riders have taken part in raising money for fantastic charitable causes.  

In our conversation with Mark, Amy and John explore Mark's journey into motorcycles and his motivation into doing all that he does. 

Before jumping into the headline interview, though, John catches up with Andy Jaye to talk through this week's automotive-ish news, and things take an unexpected Marcar-moans-twist with some criticism of an 'utterly bizarre' TV advert and Peugeot models of a certain age.  

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