The 50 Greatest Bond Cars with Ben Robinson

This week on the Driven Chat Podcast, we're focussing on Bond Cars! Hurrah!

Recorded almost a year before publishing, Amy Shore and John Marcar sat down with the author Ben Robinson, who wrote the book '50 Greatest Bond Cars'. We unfold our inner depths of 'car-movie-geekery' as we work through some of the most iconic bond cars and unearthing Bens intricate involvement in the placement of vehicles in the James Bond films.

Before diving into the podcast with Ben, John talks to a new voice but a significant person to the DC podcast, Tom Kent. Tom is our audio producer for the Driven Chat Podcast and radio show, but also happens to work on audio production for... you guessed it James Bond films! Tom shares some industry tales from the world of production and explains how he ended up getting some questionable scars from his involvement with one particular production of a car advert...

Ben Robinson's book is available to purchase in all good bookshops right now!

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