The Sounds of Salon Privé 2022

In this week's Driven Chat Podcast we're dropping our episode a day earlier than usual on Sunday because John Marcar and Rachael Downie bring you a walk-around podcast from Britains Poshest Car Event - Salon Privé 2022 at Blenheim Palace.

In this episode, Rachael and John speak to the event founder David Bagley about his 17th Salon Prive Event. Two-time Dakar Rally winner Nani Roma. CEO and Founder of Viritech, Timothy Lyons joins us to talk about his exciting new hydrogen-powered hypercar, Apricale. Cole Hennessey of the Hennessey family talks to us about the new Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster, which is set to break a speed record (already set by Hennessey!). We then talk to a friend of the show, Jody Millhouse, the man behind Thornton Hundred Motorcycles, who was at the event to display his incredible custom Triumph motorcycles. 

Next up is Luke from Clive Sutton, who attended to display one of the most unexpected luxury cars at the show... a London Taxi! Racecars come next and John and Rachael talk to John Roach from Radical about the brands 25th anniversary. From established car brands to new brands, for our last interview, John and Rachael talk to the head of design for Deus, Adrian-Filip Butuca, about the Deus Vayanne - a 2.7million euro EV hypercar. 

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