The Amazing True Story of Goldie Gardner - John Mayhead has written a book!

This week on The Driven Chat Podcast, Amy and John are joined for the second time by journalist, writer and automotive data analyst - John Mayhead.

John, whilst writing a story about high-speed runs for an editorial piece, stumbled upon an interesting character named Lieutenant-Colonel Alfred Thomas 'Goldie' Gardner. John discovered that Goldie was a man who not only set records but also had a pretty extensive and very interesting backstory. And so, the idea of writing the book was born.

In this week's podcast, John Mayhead talks to John Marcar and Amy Heynes to share some of his astonishing discoveries whilst writing the previously untold story of Goldie Garnder, which has become a new book available to purchase in bookshops or, online.

To find out more about the book and to reserve a copy or make a purchase - visit:

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