Simon Lord & his £330,000 Redux E30 M3 (Part 1/2)

The E30 M3 road car set the benchmark for performance saloon cars since its release in 1986. It is a car that exists primarily thanks to motorsport homologation rules for the DTM series in the 1980s. But thanks to its unique styling, sensational power-to-weight ratio and practicalities of being an everyday car, the E30 M3 set the trend for BMW and other marques and still does to this day as the ultimate performance saloon.

Fast forward 30 years, and Army Officer Simon Lord decided the Humble E30 M3 could be far better than BMW created, so Redux was born.

In this week's Podcast, Simon Lord joins John Marcar to talk about his transition from Army Officer to a civilian creator, engineer and perfectionist-developer of the £330,000 Redux M3.

From its beginning, the conversation turns unexpectedly, focusing on Simon's mindset in starting his business following a long stint in the armed forces. Part 2/2 of the conversation will come next week, where we will learn about the final product's creation and the price justification.

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