Photographer: RIOCAM

This week on the Driven Chat Podcast, Andy Jaye, Amy Shore, and John Marcar talk to one of the worlds most influential fashion and automotive photographers Camilo Rios aka RIOCAM.

RIOCAM is known by many for staging shoots with some of the worlds most iconic cars, often with a long pair of legs waving out of the windows. Recent shoots have seen a White Ferrari Testa Rossa, a pink Porsche 993 GT, a bright yellow Lamborghini Diablo SV, and a Dakar spec Porsche 911 SC all supporting a pair of legs from the window.

In this conversation, RIOCAM explains the process behind his work which many now regard as fine art. We also hear about the unique printing processes that mean more to his work than visual aspects.

This podcast was recorded at The Sleeping with Art Event in Hereford, and you can hear even more content from the event next week in an additional podcast from the show. 

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