Pawn Shops to Porsches with Paul Cockell - Rennsport

When you think of back-dated bespoke Porsche 911 builds, a small number of companies spring to mind that are renowned for high-quality work in the field, and Rennsport is definitely one of those companies.

This week, John Marcar is joined for a chat by Rennsport's Managing Director, Paul Cockell. Paul shares his fantastic story of how he went from working as a young workshop apprentice to the managing director of his own custom Porsche 911 workshop in the Cotswolds.

As is often the way, Paul's journey isn't what you would necessarily call 'conventional'; however, it features a few great stories you will enjoy in this episode. Paul's career features chapters involving running a small workshop, his own limousine hire company and even a Pawn Shop in Leamington Spa before venturing back to his original calling, working on and building classic Porsche 911s.

To learn more about Rennsport - visit the website: and follow @911Rennsport on Instagram.

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