Niki Faulkner - Racing Driver, Stunt Driver and Jeremy Clarkson's Stunt Double...?

Niki Faulkner is a man known for many things. He's known as a racing driver, a precision driver, a film and television automotive advisor and even Jeremy Clarkson's stunt double. He's also the man that choreographed the Spice Girls singing live whilst standing on London taxis at the London Olympics and is a man that once caused a woman to faint purely by driving past her (true story!)

This week, on The Driven Chat Podcast, Niki Faulkner is our guest, joining John Marcar and Miles Lacey to chat through his frankly remarkable career so far. Niki now runs Driving Wizards, a company which supports television and movie productions with car chases, driving stunts and stunt choreography. Niki's work has allowed him to work with the likes of Tom Cruise, Michael Bay, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond, Chris Hemsworth, Ron Howard and Ray Winston (to name just a few).

This week's podcast is a long one at more than 2 hours and 20 mins, but we're confident you'll enjoy every single minute of it. To learn more about Niki and Driving Wizards, follow @drivingwizards and check out

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