Nigel Harniman - Photographing and Advertising Legend

This week on the Driven Chat Podcast, Amy Shore and John Marcar sit down with photographer and advertising legend - Nigel Harniman, a man famous for his work in and around the automotive industry since the 1990s.

Nigel's work has been seen in magazines, on advertising billboards and on television screens around the globe featuring brands from Renault to Rolls Royce and just about every car brand in between. You will have seen Nigel's work if you have even the vaguest interest in new cars. 

In this conversation, Nigel shares his career and journey from being a plucky apprentice to an industry leader, with fascinating stories unlocking fantastic memories. To find out more about Nigel and to see his work, follow him on Instagram via @harnimanphoto and visit the website:

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