New Car Telly, featuring Ginny Buckley and Alex Riley - The BMW i4 M50 AND Rachael's been to Hell & back!

In this week's Driven Chat Podcast, John Marcar and Rachael Downie bring you two conversations recorded initially for our Radio Show on talkSPORT2. As is often the way with radio segments, often the final product is significantly shorter than the original recording - and so, we're bringing you both conversations in full right here on the podcast.

First is the wonderful Ginny Buckley, who talks to us about her new Dispatches documentary on Channel 4 called 'Why is my car so expensive?' The show offers a brilliant piece of investigative journalism to discover why new and used cars are rocketing in price and if it's justified or if companies are trying to make a fast buck.

Our second conversation is with Alex Riley, who joined us on talkSPORT to share the details of his TV show, The Car Years. Alex writes and presents with his co-host Vicky Butler Henderson and each week, the two compete to convince a panel of high-profile automotive judges who has the best car. Alex also shares his media journey leading up to this point, including taking a terrifying leap from a safe job to having a go at being a researcher for BBC top gear in the late 1990s.


- Intro with John and Rachael; 0:00 -17:00

- Ginny Buckley; 17:00 - 33:30

- Alex Riley; 33:30 - 1:05:30

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