Mr JWW - From Stutters to Stardom. Plus - 'That Influencer Proposal'

This week on the Driven Chat Podcast, we discuss one of the most controversial talking points in recent automotive social media. Yep, 'that controversial influencer proposal'.

James Walker (better known to many as MrJWW) joins Andy Jaye, Amy Shore and his old friend John Marcar to talk about his journey from school stutters to internet stardom. And of course, we also discuss the aftermath of THAT tweet by Top Gear's Chris Harris that pricked up the ears of the entire automotive industry back in February 2021.

James offers a very open and honest account of how things panned out, what effect it had on him and his brand, and what's happened since.

Listen to the full-uncut conversation, only here on The Driven Chat Podcast.


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