Chasing the Dream with Miss Emma Walsh

This week, the presenter, performer and content creator, Miss Emma Walsh, joins John Marcar for the latest Driven Chat Podcast. Emma was brought up in a family of performers, with her parents starring in the 1970s-80s pop group The Dooleys. With such a strong musical influence, it's perhaps no surprise that Emma also went on to pursue a career in music. Later in life, Emma also appeared on our TV screens as a character in the popular UK TV series Made in Chelsea.

In this week's episode, Emma shares her story of becoming one of the most popular content creators and presenters in the automotive world through multiple ups and downs. John and Emma have been good friends since a chance meeting in 2016 and have stayed close ever since. In this conversation, Emma shares a brilliantly frank account of her story so far with some very happy but also some less happy moments, which ultimately have spurred her to pursue her career of content creating and presenting with cars.

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If you would like to see the video featuring John chasing Emma around Europe in a Bentyga, you can do so here:

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