The Fall... and Rise of DriveTribe - with Mike Fernie

This week, on The Driven Chat Podcast, we are joined by the face of DriveTribe, Mike Fernie. DriveTribe appeared out of nowhere in 2016 as a new and exciting automotive social media platform seemingly fronted by Clarkson, Hammond and May. But less than six years after the launch of the DriveTribe brand, it was all coming to a sudden end in January 2022. Except, it wasn't...

From early 2022, DriveTribe was to live on under the new ownership of TV's Richard Hammond, with the main focus being the already well-populated social media feeds and YouTube channel. Mike, who joined DriveTribe as a writer, was then given the opportunity to steer the ship as a video producer and later presenter.

Mike shares his story of how he started in the automotive media industry, who it was that influenced him, how he started at DriveTribe and how he's ended up as the consistent face of DriveTribe on YouTube, appearing in regular videos with Richard Hammond and occasionally James May and Jeremy Clarkson.

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