Lotus Emira vs Dacia Sandero - August Catch Up with John, Amy & Miles

This week on the Podcast, John, Amy and Miles are in the studio together for a catch-up chat to find out what everyone has been up to for the past few weeks. John has been busy driving the Lotus Emira and a Dacia Sandero, and he's also been taking a brand new Ducati off-roading. Miles has strapped himself to a robot and had gone racing with some MG's, and Amy celebrates ten years of automotive photography by putting a motorcycle in her kitchen.

Also, in this week's episode, we address several listener's questions and talking topics, leading to John describing the perfect technique to pit-manoeuvre a middle lane driver*, Miles sharing a story of dramatic tummy troubles in Sweden and Amy almost getting arrested in Germany.

*We must insist that you please don't actually attempt to pit manoeuvre anyone anywhere under any circumstances. Obviously.

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