Live from Lotus: The Emira Launch with Jenson Button

This week we bring you a new format for the Driven Chat Podcast - 'Live from Lotus'. Last week, we were invited to the launch event of the Lotus Emira, the most significant British car launch in recent years. The Emira replaces the 'three Es'; The Elise, the Evora and the Exige and is the final internal combustion-engined car before the company switches exclusively to EVs.

John Marcar takes the lead in this week's episode with Amy Shore as they explore the home of Lotus Cars ahead of the big reveal of the Emira to the world. Our very own Andy Jaye was the host of the launch event alongside our good friend Helen Stanley and both found time to join us in the podcast too. 

In this episode, we hear from;

  • F1 World Champion, Jenson Button
  • Lotus Cars' Managing Director, Matt Windle
  • Lotus Design Director, Russell Car

Plus some 'live reactions' to the car's unveiling from car influencers; Sam Moores and Sid North. Motoring journalists Harry Metcalf, Alex Goy & David Tillier. The son of Colin Chapman (ex lotus director) Clive Chapman and television presenter and broadcaster Jake Humprey.

It's a long one this week, but we hope you love it. Remember you can email the show for questions, comments and feedback to You can see all of what we do across social channels via @DrivenChat and see our video content on our YouTube Channel by searching for Driven Chat on YouTube.


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