Learn to drive with Quentin Willson

Learn to drive with Quentin Willson

It's not very often you're able to claim you've had driving lessons and input from a motoring journalist of legendary status - well, now you can!

Quentin Willson is a highly renowned journalist, author, broadcaster and presenter entering the public eye as a presenter on BBC Top Gear from 1991-2001. He later went on to present on Channel 5s 5th Gear and pioneered his own TV shows such as Britain's Worst Driver.

This week, Willson joins Andy Jaye and John Marcar to talk about his latest project, 'Young Driver,' a mobile, VR and AI programme designed to help young and new drivers with the learning process of driving. We also get a great insight into Quentin's career, how it all began, and we tackle our first ever listeners letter!

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