Kate Reid - Williams F1 Engineer to Lune Master Baker

This week on the Driven Chat Podcast, Rachael Downie chats with Kate Reid, a lady with an incredible career behind her and a fantastic legacy ahead. Kate fell in love with F1 as a child, thanks to the influence of her father and later decided she was destined to work within the industry.

Kate joined Williams F1 aged 23, moving from her home in Melbourne, Australia, to the U.K. to work as an aerodynamics engineer and to embark on a career that would have her travelling the world with Formula 1.

In this week's episode, Kate explains how life took a turn for her leading her into a battle with her mental health and eating disorders which would eventually lead to an unexpected next chapter in life... as a world-famous baker and business owner. Kate now owns Lune, a specialist bakery making croissants so good that customers queue for hours to buy them.

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