Get to Know Your Host >>> John Marcar - BONUS EPISODE!

Have you heard the story of the content creator and presenter called John, who utilised a traumatic event in his teenage years to push forward through life with a new approach to risk, determination and reward?

This week, the tables are turning as the hosts of the Driven Chat Podcast are to become the interviewees...

In the second of two bonus episodes this week, content producer Amber Young assumes the presenter role and gets deep and meaningful with the head of Production for Driven and, of course, the primary host of the Driven Chat Podcast - John Marcar.

In this conversation, John shares the details of his slightly non-conventional story picking out some of the key chapters in his life and career that lead him to be the Head of Production for Driven. John's story, like his career, stems from a journey featuring an ongoing battle of uncertainty vs aspiration. John shares how a traumatic event of loss in his teenage years ultimately gave him the drive to push forward in a field he loved and dreamt of working in - the world of automotive events and media production.

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