Phillipa Sage - 'Off Road with Clarkson, Hammond & May'

BONUS PODCAST HURRAH! - This week, we have a second podcast episode for you to enjoy! John Marcar and Amy Shore bring you a bonus episode this week with an exceptional guest - Phillipa Sage.

Phillipa Sage was a driving force in the production of Top Gear Live for over 12 years, acting as a PA to Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travelled the world, putting on a massive moving Motorshow. Phillipa then entered the public eye when she was 'exposed' as Clarkson's mistress sending the tabloid press into somewhat of a frenzy. What followed was a seven-year relationship between the two.

Phillipa Sage has now compiled 12 years of memories, hilarious stories and genuine emotion, documenting her time working with the three most prominent names in the car world. The book titled 'On The Road with Clarkson Hammond & May' is nothing short of fabulous, and she joins us for a bonus episode of The Driven Chat Podcast this week.


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