James Cameron - CEO of Mission Motorsport

This week on the Driven Chat Podcast, John Marcar sits down with his old friend James 'Jim' Cameron to talk about Mission Motorsport, the company he founded ten years ago whilst serving in the British Army as a commander of the Tank Regiment. 

James assembled a small team of like-minded individuals and took it upon himself to ensure that members of his own regiment had a 'next step' following their career in the armed forces and transitioning into civilian life and what ended up forming was a powerhouse of a charity and a community we all now know as mission Motorsport.

In this conversation, James talks about the early days of the charity, how it was formed, and crucially how it's still evolving.

To learn more about Mission Motorsport, please visit www.MissionMotorsport.org and follow @MissionMotorspt on social media and if you see someone wearing a mission motorsport t-shirt, be sure to go and say hello!

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