F1 Photographer Keith Sutton and Artist Anna-Louise Felstead from SWA

This week, on the Driven Chat Podcast, John Marcar brings a second dose of content from Sleeping With Art 2022 and two additional conversations from two amazingly creative individuals.

First up is a conversation with legendary F1 Photographer Keith Sutton. Keith is behind the brand Sutton Images, which later became Sutton Motorsport Images. In this conversation, Keith shares the most incredible story of how his career started when he almost accidentally bumped into a young driver called Aryton Senna.

In the second of the two conversations, John speaks to artist Anna-Louise Felstead, renowned for painting vibrant, colourful and often fun paintings featuring cars, motor racing circuits and more. Anna-Louise shares her fun side in this chat. Listeners with younger ears in range, be warned! - whilst there are no 'naughty words', the conversation does feature descriptive discussion around a couple of her pieces that feature scantily and often barely dressed men and women in, around and on top of cars!

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