But What About Hydrogen?? With Hugo Spowers MBE of Riversimple LTD

This week on the Podcast, John Marcar and Miles Lacey explore a question that car and driving enthusiasts have been pondering for the past ~20 years... "What about Hydrogen?"

In this ever-changing automotive world, as we head towards the 2030 and 2035 I.C.E. ending deadlines, are we, as humanity, being foolish by putting all our eggs into one big electric basket?

For this week's conversation, we're joined by Hugo Spowers, the man behind Riversimple Movement LTD - a company that produces and runs cars powered exclusively by hydrogen. John and Miles, on the day of their visit, had the opportunity to learn more about the organisation, get up close and personal with the cars - and - have a drive themselves.


To learn more about Riversimple, check out www.riversimple.com/

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