BONUS EPISODE - Radio Recap with Quentin Willson, Robert Llewellyn & Mike Brewer

Every once in a while, we like to surprise our subscribers with a cheeky bonus episode... and this is one of those!

Today's podcast is a highlight reel from our very popular radio show on talkRADIO. We know that not everyone can tune in to our show at the time of it going out 'as live' (every Sunday at 7pm on talkRADIO in the UK), so we thought we would throw together some of the segments to give a little taster of what we do in our radio show.

In this episode, you'll hear from your usual podcast hosts, John Marcar, Andy Jaye and Amy Shore, PLUS our regular weekly co-host on the radio Mike Brewer and two special guests, Quentin Willson and Robert Llewellyn.

We hope you enjoy this little taster and we hope you might be able to join us each week when the show goes out as live - Sundays 7pm on talkRADIO.


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