Amy & Will's E-Type Workshop - with Amy Shore & William Heynes

This week we're doing something a little different. John Marcar and Andy Jaye step away from the studio and leave Amy Shore to fly solo for her very own podcast episode.

Amy has recently embarked on her very own workshop business alongside her partner William Heynes. In this episode, Amy and Will talk about the challenges of starting this new venture and why the car they have decided to focus on is so significant to them personally - the Jaguar E-Type.

William Heynes offers a wonderful overview of his family connection to Jaguar Cars along with a fascinating insight into the history of the iconic E-Type, C-Type and D-Type plus XK120 and 140 models. This podcast explores the raw passion, excitement and apprehension between Amy and William that comes with starting up a specialist workshop in the current ever-evolving automotive world.

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