Get to Know Your Host >>> Amy Shore - BONUS EPISODE!

Have you heard the story about the young silversmith called Amy who, following a freak workshop accident, went on to become a world-famous photographer? Today, the tables are turning as the hosts become the interviewees...

If you've enjoyed The Driven Chat Podcast since the early days and have aspired to learn more about the hosts, then today is your lucky day. Enjoy the first of two Christmas-period bonus episodes of The Driven Chat Podcast with founding host, Amy Shore, hosted and presented by Driven producer - Amber Young.

Content producer Amber Young wanted to give you, our dear listeners, the opportunity to learn more about the hosts that bring you your weekly podcasts, youtube content, written articles and more through the media brand Driven. And what better way to do this than via the medium we know best, a chat on the Driven Chat Podcast?

The first of the two bonus episodes features Amy Shore. Amy joined Driven as one of the original four founding hosts in the summer of 2022. In this episode, she shares her journey, outlook, and career in the automotive industry, which has led her to her involvement in Driven and being a host of the Driven Chat Podcast.

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