Celebrating 100 years of Carroll Shelby - with Aaron Shelby

This week on the Driven Chat Podcast, John Marcar and Amy Shore are joined for a chat by Aaron Shelby, the Grandson of the late-great Carroll Shelby. Carroll Shelby is known, loved and celebrated as the iconic name that made fast cars even faster. Aaron still plays a crucial role working within the organisation and legacy founded by his grandfather as a board member of Carroll Shelby International, which has been operating since 1962.

This year, in 2023, the international motoring community celebrates 100 years since the birth of Shelby with fitting celebrations and tributes. In the UK, an extra-special tribute is being organised at the Goodwood Revival Meeting in September with an assembly of cars that Carroll helped design, develop, and, in his earlier career, race at circuits worldwide - including Goodwood.

Aaron joins Amy and John to talk about the build-up to the Goodwood Revival celebration and share some of his incredible memories of his grandfather from when he was a child right up to when his Grandpa passed in 2012.

We wish to extend our thanks to the Goodwood PR & Media team for helping this podcast take place.

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