Episode 66, part 2 - Liberal candidates Honourable Ahmed Hussen and Marci Ien join The Drip

This is part 2 of our chat with the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development and MP for York-South Weston, and Marci Ien, MP for Toronto-Centre, both of whom are seeking re-election on Sept 20th.

We pivoted the conversation to learn how the Liberals would help make life more affordable, including through their housing plan called A Home. For Everyone; we discussed why the millennial and gen-z vote (ages 18-34) seems to be in NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh's corner; we heard their thoughts on Universal Basic Income, and finally, they broke down how the Liberal $10 a day child care plan will help Black families in particular, and all Canadian families more broadly.

Hit play to hear what Ahmed and Marci had to say.

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