Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny: How Hormones and Cortisol Are Affecting Your Weight, Toxic Food Culture in America, The Gut Brain Access, and More

Today I’m chatting with Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny, French wellness guru and CEO of The Method. The Method is an advanced pilates approach that focuses on getting your body in it's best state through hormonal balance, creating a healthy gut environment, lean muscle gain and all while living a lifestyle free of restriction. Ingrid is a badass who is highly educated in the field of female hormones and pretty much all things the female body! We talk about how to live your best life through optimizing your hormones, the gut brain access, Ingrid’s pilates method, the French way of life and the mindset on food culture, how cortisol is affecting your weight loss or weight gain journey, and how Inulin has transformed her life. 

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